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Unlimited Consulting and Auditing Partnership "Avdeev & Co." was established in 1993 and now it's a first-rate auditing firm in Kaliningrad region (Russia). There are many kinds of entities among our clients: from industrial manufactories to religious organizations.
  • There are 10 certified auditors in our staff. We also have lawyers, qualified appraisers, accountants, programmers.
  • We have created one of the most visited Russian web-site, devoted to problems of accounting, auditing and taxation (www.audit-it.ru).
  • We develop financial software used by thousands companies in Russia and abroad, including the leading world spacecraft manufacturer, Russian corporation "Energy".
  • We develop unique software for preparing financial statements according to IFRS.

UCAP "Avdeev & Co." renders the following services to investors, organizing business in Kaliningrad region

  • Collection and providing with information about typical level of main expenses for planning projects in Kaliningrad region, taking into account law and tax features of doing business in Kaliningrad region, for example (land prices, prices of real estate; gas, water prices, electricity charges; cost of manpower; customs duty; transport charges;  etc.)
  • Providing with invitations in Russian Federation for getting entry visa and assistance in getting entry visa.
  • Providing foreign investor's visits in Kaliningrad region.
  • Organization of buying, renting, apportioning and legalization of land for your enterprise. To start finding the land for your business we need information of such types:
    • What kind of realty you want to construct on this land ? (You may give us general information and, in case we need, we will specify the data. But the more detailed information you'd give us, then more easier and faster we will find the acceptable variant.)
    • What kind of service lines you need at (near) this land and what capacity should those lines be?
    • First of all we need to know, what electricity power you will need?
    • What Min and Max space of land do you need?
    • Your requirements to land location (distance from the port's container terminal,  railway cargo terminal,  distance from the custom terminal of temporary storing and etc.).
  • Help in organization of building project according to Russian Federation legislation and taking concordances on building project in supervisory organizations and public offices.
  • Assistance in organization of building and constructing of the real estate.
  • See All services and about UCAP "Avdeev & Co."

We guarantee confidentiality, individual approach and qualitative services

Unlimited consulting and auditing partnership "Avdeev & Co.":
236010, Kaliningrad, Marata Str., 2,
Тел.: (4012) 96-08-70, 96-08-81, 91-62-30, 91-63-93; тел./факс (4012) 96-25-50
Email: avdeevpkatorg, vitaudit-itru
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