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Unlimited Consulting and Auditing Partnership "Avdeev & Co." was established in 1993 and now it's a first-rate auditing firm in Kaliningrad region (Russia). There are many kinds of entities among our clients: from industrial manufactories to religious organizations.
  • There are 10 certified auditors in our staff. We also have lawyers, qualified appraisers, accountants, programmers.
  • We have created one of the most visited Russian web-site, devoted to problems of accounting, auditing and taxation (www.audit-it.ru).
  • We develop financial software used by thousands companies in Russia and abroad, including the leading world spacecraft manufacturer, Russian corporation "Energy".
  • We develop unique software for preparing financial statements according to IFRS.

We provide wide range of auditing and consulting services

  • Evaluation of tax and legislation risks of organizing business and investments in Russian Federation; For example, your company has decided to start business in Russia and you wish to make preliminary evaluation of taxation and legal risks, to find the best form of entity. We'll provide you by detailed information and give you worth business advices.
  • Tax consulting (including taxation of foreign-economic activity in Kaliningrad region); Russian taxation system is rather complicated and changeable. Unversed tax police in such circumstances entails objectionable consequences.
  • Consultation on questions of tax privileges in Special economic zone of Kaliningrad region; Kaliningrad region is the one of the several Russian regions, which has status of Special economic zone (see The Federal Law on the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad Region). There are an extra opportunities for business concerning tax ant customs regulation in our region.
  • Audit according to Russian legislation. UCAP “Avdeev & Co” is a member of the Self-regulatory organization of auditors Association ”Sodruzhestvo” (register number 245). Audit, especially taxation audit, during entity acquisition (due diligence) appreciably reduces possible complaints from taxation authority. In our practice we use our unique developments (such as intellectual financial analysis software).
  • Independent appraisal of estate, machinery, securities; Russian legislation has compulsory requirement to evaluate property which is being contributed in authorized capital. Moreover independent appraisal is necessary sometimes during the arbitration.
  • Preparation of accounting reports according to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards); transformation of Russian accounting reports according to IFRS;
  • Registration of entities (including entities with foreign investments);
  • Organization of corporate accounting and taxation systems;
  • Conducting defence of taxpayer interest in arbitrage;
  • additional services for investors >>
  • Our expertise in arbitration is confirmed by our extensive arbitration practice.

We guarantee confidentiality, individual approach and qualitative services

Unlimited consulting and auditing partnership "Avdeev & Co.":
236010, Kaliningrad, Marata Str., 2,
Phone: (4012) 96-08-70, 96-08-81, 91-62-30, 91-63-93; phone/fax (4012) 96-25-50
Email: avdeevpkatorg, vitaudit-itru
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